Training Passports

What is a Training Passport?

Our PA Training Passports are simply the best and most economical way for you to get all the training you or your team needs.  A Passport enables you to bulk-purchase a set number of training days at a discounted rate, which can then be redeemed by placing any staff member on to any of our courses over a 3-year period.

What are the benefits?

Budgeting is made easier as you can bulk-purchase training days in advance at a discounted rate for you or your team, and then decide which courses you would like to attend during a 3-year period as operational needs and staffing levels evolve. This provides a greater flexibility for you as well as protection from any price increases we may introduce.

Who can use the Passport?

A Training Passport can be used to book a training course place for any member of staff directly employed by the organisation invoiced for the Passport.  Delegates must meet the appropriate pre-requisites for that course.

How long does a Training Passport last?

All of our Training Passports are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. Any unspent training days will be forfeited on expiry. No refunds or exchanges are offered once a Training Passport has been purchased.

Any course?

A Training Passport can be redeemed against any of our publically-scheduled training courses.

What do I save?

Depending on the number of days purchased you will save at least 20% against the standard price of the course.   Examples of pricing are below but any number of training days, starting from a minimum of 10, can be purchased – call us on 01763 285285 for more information.