Cyber Security Incident Response For Managers

This Cyber Security Incident Response For Managers (CSIRM) one-day awareness course is designed ​for those who might be required to manage the response to a cyber-attack or breach. The course introduces the concepts of incident response preparation together with the fundamentals of incident management and assumes an awareness of information security and the need to respond to cyber-attacks or breaches.

This is a theory-based course with group discussions.

Should there be time and interest, there will also be an opportunity to take part in a Ransomware exercise to understand the basics of managing a response to this specific malware threat type.

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Course Summary:

CPE Score:
8 Credits
£650 +VAT
Remote / Online

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How will I benefit?

This course will give you :

  • An understanding of the importance of an effective incident response plan
  • The ability to appreciate and evaluate risks to your organisation’s data based on your incident response plan
  • An understanding of the principles of preparing and responding to a cyber event

What will I learn?

  • The basics of the incident response process based on the CREST CSIR model
  • You will understand the importance of cyber security frameworks
  • You will gain insight to why an effective and robust incident response plan is necessary in today’s interconnected world
  • An understanding of the technical capabilities that should be available when dealing with an incident
  • An awareness of the myriad cyber threats that businesses and public bodies face today together with case studies enforcing why incident response preparation and management is key to mitigating business disruption
  • You will find out how organisations become exposed to certain attacks or breaches and what can be done to mitigate this
  • You will learn about employee security lapses and the importance of education programmes

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for the preparation or management of a cyber incident and the response to that incident, including:

  • Incident managers
  • Security officers and data protection representatives
  • IT managers

For a course with more hands-on technical content, delegates should consider PA’s CSIR, CMI and CCI courses.

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